How does Transformation Stain® Log & Timber compare to the competition? See for yourself.

What if you could see how your log home stain would perform before you ever applied it?

Now you can! Sashco put Transformation Log & Timber Stain to the test in side-by-side comparisons with a variety of competitive stains.

Here's how we performed the tests:

    • Right side of panel: Sashco’s Transformation Stain Log & Timber

    • Left side of panel: a competitive stain

    • Top portion is covered, the bottom portion is exposed to the elements

    • Panels are faced due south at a 45 ̊ angle for maximum UV exposure

    • Panels are exposed for 2 years

    • Mile high elevation means 25-30% more UV radiation



What to Look For

Evidence of poor stain performance includes: discoloration, peeling, excessive cracks in the wood, or gray wood. The panels in this study show what many homeowners and contractors alike have known for years: Transformation Stain Log & Timber simply performs better over the years.

TRN-vs-Superdeck-Oil-Hill-Country-crop-labeledPictured above: Superdeck Log Oil Finish on the left and Sashco Transformation Stain Log & Timber on the right.

Want to see how other stains stacks up? Download the full report to get the results of this two-year-long outdoor exposure test.
Want to try Transformation Stain out on your log home? Get samples here.