Lexel: The Clearest Clear Sealant vs. The Other Clear Sealants

When it comes to caulks and sealants, what does "clear" usually mean?

Sashco's all-new Lexel cartridge really shows who is the clearest of them all.
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The Many and Unique Uses of Lexel®

Sashco products have been used for many things over the years, but none as storied as Lexel® uses.

A friend of Sashco asked this question: "An Irishman walked out of the bar? Well, it could have happened. The real question: Will any Sashco product seal the crack in my stein?"

Indeed, many Sashco products are great for random..

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Caulking Tips: 3 Reasons To Use Slab for Concrete Crack Repairs

1. Slab sticks & stays.

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