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Third-generation owners Nick and Jeff Burch are taking 80-year-old Sashco to new heights of productivity and innovating new merchandising and packaging.

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Can I Use Through the ROOF! On Existing Roof Repair Products?

Does this sound familiar? "I have sealed this same leak four times with roofing tar and each time, the leak returns."

Has a roof leak ruined your morning coffee? Time to fix it for good.
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The Many and Unique Uses of Lexel®

Sashco products have been used for many things over the years, but none as storied as Lexel® uses.

A friend of Sashco asked this question: "An Irishman walked out of the bar? Well, it could have happened. The real question: Will any Sashco product seal the crack in my stein?"

Indeed, many Sashco products are great for random..

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Siding Butt Joints - To Caulk or Not to Caulk?

Cracked Caulk At Butt Joints Is No Joke

It happens year after year: cracked caulking in the butt joints of your siding. But what can you do about it? Here are some great caulking tips.

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