Experts Corner: Who's the Expert? You are. | Part 1 of 2

Your customers depend on you. They want to know that they’re receiving expert advice and proper processes and products. Ready to do a better job of presenting yourself as the expert? We’ve got some easy changes you can make today to give your customer’s the peace of mind they’re looking for.


Up In Your Business: Time to Level Up

In this month’s “Up in Your Business” article, we’re sharing four tips for taking your business, and your sanity, to the next level.


3 Reasons Why Logs Ain't Wood

Every log has its own unique grain pattern, knots, and history. Chances are, you know and love each one of them like the back of your hand. Logs are special, they’re not the same as 2x4s. They need special care. Why? Three reasons:


Up in Your Business: Online Resources for Contractors

Online resources can be gold for your small business, though finding them can be difficult. As a small business owner, you don’t have time to sift through tons of websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, and blogs to find out what you need to know. Fear not! We’ve sorted through the mess and...


Here to Help: It's What Inside that Counts

In this month’s “Here to help! ”, we’re peeking inside your log home (don’t worry, no need to clean up on our account). This month, we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of proper interior log care and maintenance.


Technical Report Stain vs. Paint: The Role of Coating Breathability in Preventing Rot in Log and Timber Structures


It’s common knowledge that moisture trapped in wood will, over time, lead to rot. Because significant rot can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, it’s imperative to use a coating (stain, paint, varnish, etc.) that will both prevent most moisture from getting into wood in...


Here to Help! Breaking Down Borates

In this month’s “Here to help!”, we’re breaking down borates to help you deal with unwanted creepy-crawlies and other “rot 'en” dilemmas.


Up in Your Business: 7 Social Media Best Practices for Your Small Business

Social media, heard of it? It’s that little thing that’s basically taken over the world. Business is no exception. If your business doesn’t have a great social media presence, you may be missing out on bids which means big bucks lost. In this month’s Up In Your Business article, we’re sharing...


Historic Preservation – Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Mark Nelson of Nelson Restoration was recently working on a job up in Grand Teton National Park. Mark needed specific information to share with key decision makers that compared preservation of log structures using older methods of mortar and linseed oil with modern products. Sashco was honored...


Here to Help! Proper Maintenance Planning

Everyone knows that a $30 oil change two or three times a year beats a $2,000 mechanic’s bill or a $5,000 new engine (eek!). Similarly, creating a proper routine maintenance plan for your log home will keep it looking beautiful and help prevent unnecessary and costly repairs. In this month’s ...


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