Do I really need to wait until the logs are dry to chink?

This month’s training tip comes directly from a question we received recently. A customer asked, “Do I really need to wait until the logs are dry to chink?” Our very own Jim Barnes, Senior Stains Chemist, answers this question.


Up In Your Business: 5 Easy Ways to Market Your Business Today

We all know that successful marketing is important to your business. The good news is, not all marketing efforts have to be complicated, expensive or require that you be a professional writer or graphic artist! This month, we’re sharing five easy marketing ideas that you can start using right...


Contractor's Corner: Herb Meeker with Log Home Restoration of California

“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.” - Gina Greenlee

That's why we're introducing you to a new contractor every month - so we can learn from each other. 


Here to Help! Stain Like a Pro

Want our top tips to make sure your home’s stain is applied correctly? You got it! In this month’s “Here to Help!,” enjoy tips that will have you staining like the pros!


Up In Your Business: HowTo Set Up a Customer Referral System

Word of mouth. It’s one of the most important sources of marketing there is to your business. Are you optimizing it? We’re giving you some tips for creating (err…continuing, for many of you) a referral system that really works!


Contractor's Corner: Roche Jaune Chinking

This month, we’re talking with   Alexa Calio of Roche Jaune Chinking and Log Home Restoration. She’s based in Bozeman, MT, but does work all over the country. 

Here to Help! How Much Stain Do You Need?

Before you know it, spring will be here! If your logs could use a little spring spruce up, or your whole home is simply begging for a spanking-new coat of stain, now is the perfect time to start planning. In this month’s Here to Help!," we help you figure out just how much product you’ll need...


Here to Help! Picking a Stain and Taking the Leap

In today’s “Here to Help!”, we’re talking about what stain and marriage have in common.


Up in Your Business: YouTube as Marketing Tool

YouTube. It can be your greatest time sucker, or your best friend and instructor, can’t it? YouTube is arguably the most influential and most accessed form of social media, ever. Are you employing YouTube to help promote and build your business? In this month’s “Up in Your Business” article,...


Contractor's Corner: Nuggets of Wisdom from Mark Nelson


We’re proud to introduce you to Mark Nelson, founder of Nelson Log Restoration in Cody, Wyoming. Mark has been working in the construction industry since he was six years old.  Mark has a love and affinity for anything involving a chainsaw — especially log structures. (Can you relate?) Mark...


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