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Join us at JLC LIVE Northwest in Portland, OR Nov 30 - Dec 1!

Sashco invites you to be part of the only regional trade event for builders, remodelers, contractors and their crews, and other light construction professionals at the Journal of Light Construction Tradeshow JLC LIVE!

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Is that mold and mildew in your bathroom under the caulk or on top of it?

Mold is a four-letter word. (And mildew wants to be one.)


It looks like the mold is growing in and on bathroom caulk



Upon further inspection, you see the mold is actually growing under the caulk.


It never seems to go away. Even if you re-caulk your bathtub or shower, it seems to come back over and over again...

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Wayne Summons, Sashco VP of Research and Development, Retires

Wayne Summons | June 2016
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Sashco is the Featured Manufacturer in Extreme How-To Magazine

Sashco's 80 years of delighting the customer with a better way is winning over pros and DIYers alike. Check out Extreme How-To magazine's feature on Sashco's storied history (along with the Unofficial History of Caulking).

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Sashco Debuts on 9News' Colorado & Company

Sashco stopped by Colorado & Co. in June to show DIYers how easy caulking can be, along with some helpful caulking tips.

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Sashco Featured on

Third-generation owners Nick and Jeff Burch are taking 80-year-old Sashco to new heights of productivity and innovating new merchandising and packaging.

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Family-owned Sashco turns 80 making caulks, sealants in Colorado

During the height of the Depression, when banks were bankrupt, soup-kitchen lines ran long and a quarter of the population was out of work, Don Burch thought it would be a great idea to start a company.

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Sashco Celebrates 80 Years of Products That Work!

Colorado-Based Sashco Celebrates 80 Years of Creating High-Performance Home Improvement Products

Family-owned company celebrates milestone with log home service expansion and thriving sales of locally manufactured products

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After 80 years, family-owned Sashco is looking for an acquisition

Sashco, Inc. is 80 years new, says its President, Les Burch, and is revving for the future.

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Will my new caulk stick to silicone?


No, your new caulk won't stick to silicone caulk. Sorry to be so abrupt, but it's the truth. You can stop reading now if you don't want all of the details and the whys. Here at Sashco, we love the "whys," so we're trudging ahead.

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